Monday, June 15, 2009

Just another abandoned blog

My computer is still messed up. I'm hoping to get a new one by the end of next month. Until then, I post whenever I can, which isn't often. Even if I had my computer, we have been so busy...

Busy doing what? Swimming, Slip-and-Sliding, water balloon fights, going to the park with the muddy sand pit (I'm still soaking their clothes), seeing Monsters vs. Aliens and Up, playdates with friends, cooking hot dogs and s'mores outside, a road trip to Oklahoma to visit relatives, another trip to Texas to see more relatives. (My family knows how to have fun: the kids played with their cousins and the grownups sat around drinking Shiner Bock and watching the kids play.) Dad claims I went in every antique store between Oklahoma City and Jefferson, TX but he's wrong: two of them were closed.

When we got back home, the kids were really excited to find lots of baby strawberries on their plants. I've picked a few cherry tomatoes and one early girl. Dad got a new lawnmower and edger for an early Father's Day present (I swear, that's what he asked for!)'s not exactly the lazy, relaxing summer I had imagined, but we are having a great time. Hope you are, too.

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