Friday, October 15, 2010

Cookie Math

Another yummy idea from Math Wise!

We compared Brand A with Brand B. Which ones have more visible chips? We all agreed that they looked pretty similar.

Here are the backsides--Brand A appears to have more this time.

Which brand is thicker?

Which is heavier? It's hard to estimate weight by hand, but the scale confirmed that Brand B (the thicker cookie) was heavier.

Now to see how accurate our chip estimates were...

Brand B won the chip count. But Brand A won the taste test!

We didn't get around to making a graph, but we discussed the data and talked about estimating, measurement, and finding averages. We really enjoy all the projects in this book!


The Adventurer said...

So which brand won? You left me hanging:). Love Chocolate chip cookies:) Great idea will have to try that with my kids as we are working on graphing at the moment.

Michelle said...

This is awesome - what fun! Looks like a great book that can be used for many years. Math is not my favorite area to teach, so this looks like it could help us out in the fun department.

Thanks for swinging by my blog. And, yes, the Hot Dish Red wine is delish. ;)

Sparklee said...

I had planned to have the kids turn their tally marks into a graph, but we never got around to it. So, I don't remember the exact figures, but Brand B had almost twice as many chips as Brand A. B was the thicker, heavier cookie, too. It was interesting that the kids chose A in the taste test!