Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Memory Game

The kids and I played a fun concentration/memory game today. We each arranged a tray of random objects from around the house.

The others had thirty seconds to look at the tray, then turn away from it and name all the objects on the tray.

The kids had NO problem naming everything, and they could even answer questions like "What color was the marker?" and "What numbers did the dice show?"

I did OK, but I found that I couldn't get past seven objects before I started forgetting!

In other news...

We really like Hands-On Equations.

Our gorgeous downy woodpecker visits us nearly every morning.
(Sometimes we see the female, too, but she's shyer.)

And the sap is rising in our aspen trees! Hooray!


Michelle said...

Oh, I love that! We're going to have to play that this summer. I know I'll be awful at it, though. We did this memory challenge in a psychology class once and I never remembered anything past three. The people who did well at the challenge said they grouped the items in three's or four's in their mind, and she said that's the key to it. Like phone numbers and social security numbers are grouped into smaller units to remember them more easily. I still stink at it, but maybe the kids will have more luck. I have monkey mind. :)

Michelle said...

My children always do better than me in memory games too - well, almost any type of game nowadays. :)

Love the pic of the woodpecker!