Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We blew off pretty much everything...

Yesterday's agenda:

Complete more sections of standardized test
Continue reading Trumpet of the Swan
Math Review Packet: putting fractions in lowest terms
Handwriting/writing practice: continue working on letters to cousins

Lulu in the sunshine (with rubber chicken)

Yesterday's reality:

Completed more sections of standardized test
Went to garden center, bought some rose bushes, looked wistfully at tomato plants, smelled herbs, let the kids pick one (Super chose rosemary, Dude chose lemon thyme,) looked in the koi pond, watched the tadpoles, talked about why hydrangeas change color
Ended up at our favorite Mexican restaurant, talked about our summer plans
Sat in the hammock while throwing toys for dogs

Our crab apple tree is in bloom

And I'm not feeling the least bit guilty! :)


Michelle said...

Good for you! Sounds like a great day. (We did something similar yesterday too - tis' the time of year for gardening, relaxing outside, and dreaming of summer :) No guilt here either.

GCK Mom said...

I have to say that sounds like the perfect day!
Good for you! You shouldn't feel guilty in the least bit!

The Adventurer said...

We just finished our end of year testing:) Enjoy the sunshine. We love Mexican food but you can't find good Mexican food in England:)

Suji said...

LOL...sounds like "our" yesterday. We're actually having a sudden "winter" in the middle of late spring here and it just begged a day off for fun reading and playing on the computer. Your day sounds lovely. We need more of those!

Nicole said...

That sounds good for the soul and like a great memory was made. Way more important than the rest of that stuff!

Sparklee said...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

I haven't posted in a while because every day since then has been pretty similar...spending time outside, planting stuff and doing yardwork, a bit of reading, playing with dogs, and enjoying spring!

Hope you are enjoying life, too!