Thursday, June 16, 2011

Various and Assorted

Mimi snapped this amazing scene during our road trip last week.

We arrived home to find our peonies in full bloom. I just love the color variations: from bright fuschia to creamy pink. We only have them for about two weeks every June, but when they're blooming they are spectacular!

Our California poppies started as volunteers from a neighbor's yard. We liked them so much we sprinkled some seed in our flower bed. They come back every year.

We saw a cute little gosling with his mom and dad at a pond near our house. He's hard to see: look for the little grayish-yellow blob right between the parents.

Gomez came home from the kennel with a terrible case of bordatella. He sounds awful--he basically has the doggie version of croup.
(And yes, he sleeps with his tongue out! Lulu sleeps with his eyes open, which is less cute, more creepy.)

It is so hard to take pictures of bees! They refuse to pose. I was thrilled with this photo because you can see the pollen baskets on the legs!

Dude used a couple of pulleys and some clothesline to make a dumbwaiter for the kids' fort.

He needed a little help with the knots, but the design was totally his own!

Cool, huh?

Hope you're enjoying the many pleasures of summer!


Karen said...

Ohhh, everything looks so beautiful out there! Hope your summer is great too :-)

Suji said...

Can't help imagining heavenly background music when I see pretty, scenic, sunny snapshots. :) Hey, we have some poppies popping everywhere too! Cool dumbwaiter!

Michelle said...

Love the bee picture in your new header!

A dumbwaiter for the fort = pure awesomeness!

Poor puppy . . . :(

(I have very little focus in the summer, can you tell?)

Leslie said...

I love reading your blog. It always clears my head and gives me a better sense of perspective. And makes me want to go for a walk!