Friday, August 19, 2011

Grown-Ups are Boring (Somewhat Rantish)

I stopped by the grocery store yesterday about 10 am, and noticed lots of moms and kids shopping together. A brief thought went through my mind: I guess this is the last time I'll see kids in here for a while.

That's an exaggeration. Of course there will be kids in the store after 3:45 pm, and on weekends. But by this time next week, the school-aged kids in my area will begin spending the majority of their time in a classroom, segregated from the rest of our community.

Boxwood PS kindergarten classroom
Soon to be filled!

Then the questions will begin for my family. Nearly every time my kids join me on an errand during regular school hours, someone asks us: Got the day off today?

Because it's just that unusual to see a child participating in daily life from approximately September 1 to May 31.

School bus invasion
Coming soon, to a neighborhood near you!

I feel sad for school kids, since most of them are not looking forward to going back to school.

But I feel sad for us grown-ups, too. Because our days are about to get a shade duller.

Have you ever noticed that an all-adult gathering is usually pretty boring? I guess that's not true at a scary movie or a comedy club, but when I go to the bank, the store, the library, or even out to lunch, and there are no kids to be seen, somehow the atmosphere is less lively, more somber.

Does this photo make you smile?


Does this one?

Face paint girls

The truth is, we need their energy, spontaneity, and creativity every bit as much as they need our guidance and protection.

Education is important. The future depends on the intellect and capability of the youngest generation. But in a perfect world, our kids wouldn't spend 180 days a year locked away from the world in order to learn about it.


Liese4 said...

I get 'when are you starting school?' right now, but soon it will be 'why aren't you in school?' Oh, we homeschool....hmmmmm...and your kids are out in the real world before 4pm? What kind of school are you doing?

The best kind! And, it's none of your business!

Jennifer said...

"Because it's just that unusual to see a child participating in daily life from approximately September 1 to May 31."

Wow. Hadn't thought about it quite like that before but you are so right. Seems downright creepy, really.

Susan @ learning ALL the time!! said...

I agree with your "somewhat rantish" post! It aggravates me when we go out for normal errands, and people ask questions of my girls as to why they're not in school...the girls just cheerfully say "we homeschool!"

Debra said...

I've thought this same thing. Going to the grocery store after school has started makes me a little sad. It feels like all the life is gone.

Sparklee said...

I never gave it a thought until I took my kids out of school! I was worried that this post sounded kind of judgmental, and I didn't mean it that way. It's just a strange feeling when the liveliest part of the population is suddenly gone from the scene...

Thanks for visiting, everyone!

Karen said...

Love this post. You are right...a bunch of adults are pretty boring in everyday situations. Kei loves to be asked the "Did you not have school today question" because she loves to say she is homeschooled. In fact, she hates having to go to the store after 3:00 because, "Everyone will think I am in Public School!" :)