Saturday, February 11, 2012

Antidote to February

Goodness we've been busy! I know, familiar refrain, right?

We've been home for a couple of days and jumped right back into academics, but for now, please enjoy this antidote to the February "blahs."

How many synonyms for beautiful can you think of? :-)

This was my first time to take a vacation somewhere warm during the winter. I could definitely get used to it!

My kids are now thoroughly in love with Hawaii. I loved the flowers and birds, they loved the beaches, the food and the relaxed pace!

Of course, we all loved the sunshine and warm breezes. (Especially since we came home to over a foot of snow in our yard!)

The orchids above were so cute--I thought they looked like they were doing jumping jacks!

You know I love anything yellow. I was excited to discover that there are yellow orchids! Aren't they lovely?

Remember Frederick, that wonderful book by Leo Leoni? Frederick the mouse stores up his memories of summer to share with his friends over the long, dark winter.

I'm feeling just a bit like Frederick since we got home from vacation! If February tries to get me down, I'll light my coco-mango candle, look at my photos, and dream of warmer days.

Hope you are staying warm and looking forward to a lovely spring!

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Runde's Room said...

BEAUTIFUL! LOVE orchids! Hope you had a fabulous time on your trip!

Runde's Room