Thursday, August 9, 2012

Advice for a Young Utahraptor

Utahraptor Ryanz720

If you happen to be a young Utahraptor living in the Early Cretaceous period, you'll need lots of important skills to make it through each exciting day.


For example, this Astrodon may look like a yummy lunch, but you'll need to use cunning and teamwork to down one of these ten-ton dinos. 

Acrocanthosaurus size comparison

 And if an Acrocanthosaurus moves in on your hard-earned meal, it's best to just move on.  I know, I know. Utahraptors are tough, but trust me.  You are not tough enough to take on this megasized predator!

 Dollodon bampingi Steveoc86

 Don't worry...there will be other feasts, like this iguanodon.  Just watch out for the thumb spikes!

In addition to hunting skills, you will need to be flexible.  Occasionally you are going to face something unexpected, like a flood.  Your best change of survival?  Learn a new skill on the spot!


We are loving Raptor Red by Robert T. Bakker!*  Told from the point of view of a female Utahraptor, this fascinating novel is definitely our favorite family read-aloud this year.  We have cried for Raptor Red's lost mate, rooted for her when her survival was on the line, and laughed when her curiosity got the best of her.  All while learning about the amazing creatures of the Early Cretaceous.**

Skelett von Gastonia

One more word of advice, Raptor Red.  If you happen to meet one of these armor-covered guys...don't even bother.  He's not worth the broken teeth!


*If you've seen Jurassic Park II: The Lost World, you might recall the character Dr. Robert Burke, who met his unfortunate end in the jaws of a T. Rex.  That character was (somewhat loosely) based on Dr. Bakker!   

**The best part of all: Super got to meet Dr. Bakker today! He was very friendly, but instead of just talking about his own book, he asked her what else she liked to read.  They ended up discussing the Warriors series (and, because he never talks down to a kid, Dostoevsky!)  Thanks, Dr. Bob!

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