Sunday, August 10, 2014

Middle/High School Room

When we decided to take our kids out of public school, we knew we would need a dedicated space for them to work.  Otherwise, as my husband said, "School stuff will take over the whole house!"


Six years later, we have a dedicated school room AND school stuff has taken over our whole house!  

Kids arrange the daily schedule

Still, it's nice to have a semi-organized work area.  It helps the kids stay focused and it does cut down on SOME of the clutter in the rest of our home.

Our basement is the official headquarters of the Super-Awesome School of Super-Awesomeness.  Meditation, discussions, read-alouds, and independent reading happen here:

Note the BOSU bouncer, an excellent helper for kids who need to MOVE while they think.  It's also helpful for my early-finisher: he can be active-but-quiet while his methodical (and much neater) sister completes her work!

Most of the book work and writing happens here:

Again, here is a solution to keep squirmy legs and feet busy so the mind can focus:

The stuff we use frequently is stored here.  Mom's shelf is on top, students' shelf is below.

Oh, darn!  Looks like I forgot to take a picture of my desk!

That's too bad because it's in absolutely (cough cough) PRISTINE condition going into the 2014-15 school year.   Wish you could see how neat and perfectly organized it is...oh, well, you'll just have to take my word for it! 

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Hwee said...

I like the way your school room is organised. It looks like a very inviting space to concentrate and study! We spread ourselves out all over the house, but do try to contain it all within one space, as much as possible. :-)

Sparklee said...

Thanks, Hwee! We tend to start in our classroom, then spread out to the rest of the house. I like having the option to to both!

The Adventurer said...

Hey so glad you are back to blogging. My oldest is the same level as your youngest so I will be looking at your lesson plans and seeing what you are doing. Would love to hear more bout your business/hotel and if we are ever in the area we would love to visit! We are still doing lots of traveling but stateside ever since we returned to the states.

Robin said...

I like the idea of having all of the supplies in a designated area. It makes it nice for those days you need to stay focused and reduce distractions.

Liese4 said...

I think it's inevitable that learning stuff grows like mold throughout the house, you're there all the time, reading in one room, doing art in another, it just tends to spread.

James just opened the pantry recently and was like, what is all this crap in here? Some art stuff moved from the cabinet outside to the pantry so I could have it handy...but at least it's in a bin!

The best investment we made for the school room was the chairs we sit in, they are so comfy and spin and roll, great for sitting 'still' to do school work.

Sara said...

I love your school spaces and how inviting they look, and the fidget stuff for squirmy learners. :)

Gabriela said...

Lovely space! Box with sensory balls on the floor is genius.