Friday, August 14, 2009

Don't Stop Believin'

Just a few things that make me happy...

The sound of sprinklers early on a summer morning.

The sound of crickets on a summer evening.

When my mom visits and we can talk all day long, instead of a half-hour conversation on the phone.

Introducing my kids to the music I loved when I was a teenager. (Even if you aren't a child of the '80's, you have to admit the Go-Go's were fun, Aerosmith was rockin' and Steve Perry was the dreamiest...)

Etsy. A double-edged sword.

When Dudeman comes into the kitchen with his eyes still puffy from sleep and serious bed head and wants to sit in my lap (even though he's almost big enough for me to sit in his lap now.)

When Supersim gives me that certain twinkly-eyed smile that reminds me of her sweet wittle baby face.

My new computer!

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