Monday, August 17, 2009

Warning: Political Rant Ahead

It's un-American! It's un-American to question the President! We should get behind him and support all his efforts...

Oh, wait, that was last year. This year, it's just fine to question the President.

Feel free to question ANYTHING now! Question his motives! Question his morality! Accuse him of any outlandish plot you can think of! He wants to deny medical care for your poor old grandmother! He wants to deliberately bankrupt the country! Go ahead--come up with the craziest bullhockey you can! Question his country of origin for God's sake!

Remember when protesting a war-for-no-reason was unpatriotic and anyone who questioned Bush's reasoning was a traitor? Remember when we were supposed to fall in line and shut up because THE PRESIDENT KNOWS BEST?

Those days are over, people. The rules have changed and now, not only is it just fine to express dissent, but it's also fine to disrupt, disrespect, and completely disengage from reality. Because when you're on the losing side, and you have nothing successful to show for the past 10 years, the only option is to tear down and criticize.

So, let me see if I understand correctly... Everything was perfect during Bush's years. Everyone had lots of money in the bank, all the healthcare options they needed, great job and education opportunities, and an unassailable sense of complete security. Our soldiers were on an indefinite spa-vacation in the Middle East, and we made sure they had everything they needed once they came home. Then, Obama showed up from Kenya, ruined the country, forced us all to convert to Islam, and tried to kill our grandparents.

So, folks, is there any doubt where I stand on this issue? You want to quit reading this blog, go ahead (all three of you.)

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Woo hoo you rock!!!!!