Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gross! (But cool.)

The pictures don't show it that well, but there is a BIG difference between the "clean" potato and the "dirty" potato. The "dirty" potato is darker, looks sort of crusty, and has some yellow-orange spots. By far, the darkest potato is the "dog mouth" one, but it doesn't have any crust or spots. Interestingly, the "bathroom floor" potato isn't as gross as "dirty hands."


The Stone Age Techie said...

Cool experiment! It teaches something important and has that 'yuck' factor that is so appealing, too.

Just to let you know, your blog is not updating in my blogroll, I don't know why - this is the first time it's shown up as having a new post since four posts ago! I have checked out Blogger's 'help' section, and the only thing I have found out so far is that others have the same problem, but no solution so far.

Anyway, I'm glad it did finally update -

Sparklees said...

Hi, Karen! The "yuck factor" is very popular around here! :-)

About the post updates...It might be because I posted twice today and had one in my edit folder that I forgot to post on Monday.

Glad to hear from you!