Monday, November 30, 2009

Warning: Opinions Ahead

If you want to read a post about homeschooling or something pleasant, skip this one and wait a couple days. This post is a list of the random thoughts going through my head as I do laundry and other mindless stuff. (I spend a lot of time muttering to myself.) Seriously, if you are offended by opinionated rants, stop by on Wednesday instead...

Did you hear this statistic? 47 million Americans don't know where their next meal will come from. Do I even need to say that this is unacceptable? Schools are sending kids home on Fridays with backpacks of food, so the kids will have something to eat over the weekend. People who never dreamed of it before are seeking help at food banks. Wherever you stand politically, whatever you believe about personal choice and responsibility, you have to admit that hard-working people are struggling and it's not their fault. (I happen to believe that our former "leaders" should be in jail for robbing this country while making their rich friends even richer, but that's just me...)


Here is something troubling: Dude's scout pack just finished up their annual food drive, and donations were way down this year. I mean, way down--they went from 5 truckloads of food to three. Why?


Oh, how I wish Obama hadn't waded into the healthcare tarpit in his first year. We needed jobs, jobs, and more jobs. A public works program. If banks and car companies deserved a bailout, why not working people?


Why do people complain about tax-and-spend Democrats, but never about spend-spend-spend-and-don't-tax-the-rich-or-big-business Republicans?


Mr. and Mrs. Salahi: congratulations on being the tackiest human beings alive. I guess some people prefer negative attention to no attention. It was Michelle Obama's night to shine, not yours. You are the type of people who would upstage the bride and groom at a wedding, aren't you? The only people lower on the dignity scale are the Heenes, because they involved children in their scheme.


Speaking of tacky...Sarah Palin. Hey, how's that governorship going? Oh, yeah, you wouldn't know, would you? But I'm sure you're right: shameless self-promotion and going on a book tour are WAY harder than just being president. Please, keep talking.


I need to stop dwelling on this stuff. Time to go outside with the kids and dogs!


Karen said...

I am right there with you!

Sparklees said...

Thanks! I apologize for sounding so snarky--I think I was just having a cranky day. My husband says I should listen to music while I do housework because the thoughts rattling around in my head are starting to get scary!