Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crazy, cozy, content

Phase 2 of the home repairs began today. My entire "office area," including the printer, fax, and file cabinet is now pushed into the kitchen, and there are books and office supplies stacked on the kitchen table. There are 3 lamps wedged behind the table so dogs can't knock them over, and about a million framed pictures and knick-knacks are stashed wherever we could find a space. (Do we really have that many photo albums?!) Oh, and all the living room furniture is crowded into our entryway, so if someone just steps through the front door, they can immediately have a seat on the sofa!

I haven't finished unpacking and doing the laundry from our stay at the grandparents' house. Plus, the kids are working very enthusiastically on their very first lapbooks, which means that paper, craft supplies, and research materials are spread everywhere...

Needless to say, I haven't even thought about getting ready for Christmas around here! We'll have to put our living room back together before we can put up our tree. I'm trying to stay zen about it and not let myself get too stressed. After all, I'm looking forward to the end results (a ceiling that isn't cracked, a color I don't hate, and new carpet in the living room! Hooray!)

Dad managed to cook a nice dinner in the chaotic kitchen, and we sat on the floor around the coffee table to eat. We watched Rudolph together (the kids know it so well, they say the lines a la Rocky Horror.) Now Super is playing a game of tug-of-sock with Big Dog. Big Dog is growling but it's awfully hard to take him seriously while he's wearing reindeer antlers.

The empty space where the furniture was has inspired Dude to invent a game. The rules are complicated, but as near as I can tell, you have to sprint from the spot where the printer used to be, through the living room, to the kitchen sink and back, yelling "Yes! No! Yes! No!" He says that he has already earned over 5,000 points.

Time to read The Thief Lord and go to bed!

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