Sunday, December 20, 2009

Every Color Known to Man

Our faraway-but-very-dear friend sent the kids a wonderful gift! One hundred twenty colored pencils in a gorgeous wooden case--look how beautiful they are! When the kids opened it, Dude said, "This must be every color known to man!" The next thing he said was, "Can I have a pencil sharpener and some paper?"

Both Dude and Super were suddenly inspired to create some very colorful art, which I will be posting soon. They drew and colored all afternoon. I kept checking on them because, normally, long periods of quiet make me concerned. But in this case, they were just busy!

Thank you, faraway friend! We'll send you some artwork!


Sara said...

How wonderful!

Michelle said...

Wow - it looks like every color known to man! May I ask what company they're made by? I'd be interested in getting some :)

Sparklee said...

Sure! The label says: Prismacolor Colored Pencil Deluxe Collection.

They are really nice pencils! Once we have used them up, I suppose we could replace them with more pencils...or Dude might like to use the beautiful case for one of his many collections.