Friday, January 15, 2010

Drop Everything, We're Studying Haiti

We'll be spending most of the day talking about Haiti and earthquakes. Enchanted Learning has an outline map of Haiti and its flag. BrainPop has a couple of good movies and activities, and we'll be visiting some of National Geographic sites here and here. The Mercalli scale is explained here. The USGS has good resources for kids here and here. A good simple explanation of the Richter scale is here. And a news article explaining what happened in Haiti can be found here.

It's nice to have the freedom to scrap our plans and focus on current events. The new plan seems more relevant than Ancient Egypt, mixed fractions and eukaryotic cells today. The kids are also planning a bake sale to raise money for Haiti.

If you come across any other good resources, please let us know!


Sara said...

Andd this is exactly why homeschooling ROCKS!

The Stone Age Techie said...

Thanks, Sparklee, I have not even brought up this earthquake yet with the boys because I felt so sad about it, I couldn't think of a hopeful way to approach the whole subject. This post will help!

Anonymous said...

A coutry profile for kids about Haiti from NatGeo Kids - good photos and facts