Thursday, February 25, 2010


Rocky and his new friends

You have never seen two kids SO excited over something SO tiny.

We have had Rocky, our googly-eyed black moor goldfish, for about a year now. The kids declared that Tuesday was his birthday, and persuaded me to take them to the pet store for a couple of snails to keep him company. Super chose a gold snail, Dude chose a blue-gray one, and they lobbied for one more--a black and brown striped one.

As we were paying for the snails, the plastic bag started to leak, and an employee offered to get us a new bag. The kids took the new bag and checked on their precious snails. They both said to me, "There's a fish in this bag."

Being my typical distracted self, I didn't pay any attention until we were leaving the store. "Mom! There's a fish in this bag!" I looked in the bag and saw something tiny floating in the water. "It's probably just a piece of plant from the snail tank. Zip up your coat."

"No, Mom! It's a fish. It's shaped like a fish and it's swimming."

When I really looked at the speck, I could see the teeny tiny tail swishing back and forth.

Seren (the little speck above the flag)

The kids have named him "Seren," short for serendipity. He is just a little longer than a grain of rice and he might be a rosy minnow, but he's so small, it's hard to tell!

Two tiny eyes at 10:00

The kids were so excited about their new "baby fish!" They didn't want Rocky to eat him, and I was worried he'd get caught in the filter, so he has his own glass of water until he grows a little bigger. So far they have given him a tour of our school room, read books to him, written poetry about him, and drawn his portrait. We almost couldn't get through our school day yesterday because they had to check on him every few minutes!

In the meantime, we have moved Rocky to a bigger aquarium (the sphere above) so that Seren can live in Rocky's old one when he's big enough. According to the kids, Rocky was terribly lonely in his spacious new place, so we headed back to the fish store, and brought home two roommates, Treasure and Fugu.

As far as I know, there were only two fish in that bag.

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