Friday, February 26, 2010

This Week at the Super Awesome School

Salt crystal study (more on that later...)

Dude's concrete poem about Seren

A batch of letters ready to go

Roll-and-Write game from The Mailbox

Practicing adding decimals with Menu Math

Sentence Shopping Spree from Grammar Games & Activities that Boost Writing Skills

Bastet by Dude

Bastet by Super

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Sparklee said...

Cassie left me this comment:

I LOVE the Menu Math idea. My oldest is just learning to add and subtract decimals I would love to know where you got this activity from!

So I thought I'd post the info here. I honestly can't remember where I bought Menu Math--it's one of those things that I purchased and put aside until the kids were ready for it. But I did find it on Amazon, and apparently you can order it directly from the publisher, Remedia Publications. Here's the link:

It's a great resource! We have also enjoyed the decimal activities from The Mailbox Independent Practice Series. Here's the link for their books: