Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Birds of Prey Nature Walk

Our local nature center offers great classes for all ages. We learned all about birds of prey and then took a walk along the nature trail to look for nests.

I had never seen a real great horned owl, in spite of the one that likes to land on our roof and wake us up in the middle of the night. He looks a little annoyed, doesn't he?

We learned that hawks and owls don't build their own nests, but just move into abandoned magpie nests.

I love the clouds in this picture.

This is an oriole nest. As you can see, there are FINALLY some buds on the branches here.

Magpies build new nests every year, so there are plenty of extra nests for the birds of prey.

We didn't see anything in this one, but we did spy a mama owl in a different tree. She was really far away, so our guide set up a scope. We each got a chance to see the mother owl and her fuzzy white chick.

What a wonderful spring day!

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