Sunday, February 27, 2011

Polygon Workbox

It's more of an "activity box," I suppose. I'm putting together several of these for math, science, and language arts.

It has seven different activities related to polygons. Most of them came from either Teacher Filebox or Hands-On Math by Frances M. Thompson.

We do most of our school work together, but occasionally I need to work with one kid at a time. These boxes will be available for the other kid to use while I'm working one-on-one. And then there are those days when something happens and I really need the kids to take care of themselves. They will be able to pick up a box and work by themselves or together.

I'm hoping that they will find these activities fun! After the kids have used them a few times, I'll pass the old boxes along to our homeschooling buddies and put together some new ones!

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