Thursday, April 7, 2011

Looking for Signs of Spring

We took advantage of sunshine and warmer temps yesterday, and went searching for signs of spring in our neighborhood.

Last year's cattails are looking a bit weather-worn.

This couple kept an eye on us. I think we were near their nest. Canada geese are here year-round, although we see a lot more of them this time of year.

Looks like they took an early morning swim before we showed up.

We didn't see the deer, but they left a sign at the water's edge, too.

This mossy rivulet was the greenest thing we saw on our hike! The trees haven't budded yet, but the grass has just a hint of green.

Something was busy digging holes in the soft soil.

And the ants were definitely busy! They are hard to see in this photo, but there were gazillions of them everywhere!

This little creek runs from the beaver pond to the lake. There were lots of deer tracks here, too.

It's still a good time of year to spot bird nests. They'll be covered in foliage before long!

This interesting tree trunk made me wish for my sketch book.

Hope you're having a lovely spring!

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