Saturday, April 30, 2011

Super-Awesome Friends in Austin

We did lots of fun stuff in Austin, but spending time with our friends was definitely the highlight of our visit.

Wish we could all get together for coffee together every day!

D and H, your lovely Easter brunch was superb! You are truly the migas and French toast champions of the world!

And thanks for pointing us towards Terra Toys. We found some Texas-style Easter basket buddies and other neat stuff there!

We enjoyed our "unorthodox" egg hunt at Pinballz! The guys played their old favorite, Galaga, while the gals burned up the Skeeball lanes.

Lunched at Kerby Lane and had fantastic buttermilk pie at Cutie Pies. (I know, that's actually a pecan pie. The buttermilk was gone before I could get my camera out.)

And we got to hang out with this sweetie pie! You're such a good girl, Daisy!

We saw a few bats under the Congress Street Bridge (but not a million, to my relief!)

Oh, yeah...we saw these guys. Maybe you've heard of them...

You had to be amazingly cool to get into this concert...which is why our amazingly-cool friend had to get us in.

It was great to be deep in the heart of Texas, but even better to be with our big-hearted Texas friends! Thanks for everything, y'all! We miss you already!


The Adventurer said...

Is that an Armadillo in the Easter basket? We had them in MO and I always thought they were cute in a ugly way;)

Michelle said...

Oh, I would love to see Mumford and Sons!!! Lucky you :) Looks like you've had a wonderful trip with great friends!

Sparklee said...

Anna-Marie: Yes, there were armadillos in the kids' Easter baskets this year! They loved them! (But there was a cuddly hamster in there, too, just in case!)

Michelle: We felt very lucky to get to see them perform live--they were FANTASTIC!