Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Decimals, Cookies, and Joan Miró

Occasionally, you're going to have to round some decimals.

So you might as well have some cookies while you do it! We're still using Math Mammoth worktexts and supplementing with Laura Candler's Daily Math Puzzlers. We also reviewed strategies for story problems.

Vocabulary words are more fun when they're in a crossword puzzle. (You can make them here!) We finished A Wrinkle in Time early last week, but we are still using the book for our vocabulary words because it's such a great source. The other day I heard Super say that one of our pugs is more tractable than the other and I was thrilled!

Speaking of pugs, here is the intractable one, with a buddy. He enjoys hanging out with us during school, even if rounding decimals and vocabulary practice aren't his idea of a great time.

We also did a bit of language practice today, including comparing the names of months and seasons in German and Italian. And we had fun messing around on this language website.

While the kids warmed up for their Atelier art lesson...

...I started getting next month's calendar ready. I'm always soooooo happy when March finally arrives!

Our calendar is on a big pocket chart, and this month I had the idea to make it bilingual: deutsch and italiano. The month graphics came from the website above, I made cards for the days, and on Thursday the kids will fill in the numbers for me.

Meanwhile, the kids were learning about lines. Not the plane-geometry type, but the art concept. First they looked at paintings by Joan Miro. Then, they used little paper windows to study line drawings of animals (from the Atelier curriculum.)

Then they drew their own animals. This is Super's seal.

And this is Dude's raccoon and snake.

I've been told that these are not the finished product and that I should post again when they are complete. So...more to come!

Hope you had a fun, busy, productive day, too!

(Still hoping for one of those cookies.)


MamaTea said...

Cookies make everything better, and that is what that puppy is trying to tell you! Love the drawings....everything looks so fun!

Freedom Five said...

reminds me that I have a bunch of girl scout cookies to eat! Love the art!

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

just love your line drawings and using art to inspire more art. Some very talented little ones there.

Karen said...

Love the Miro art. Your kids are very talented! What a great idea for the calendar. You always do the most fun things!!!