Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Depot Museum, Henderson, TX

We enjoyed our visit to The Depot Museum and Children's Discovery Center in Henderson, TX!  The main building has lots of interesting exhibits about the history of Rusk county, from native peoples until WWII.

Until the oil business superseded it, cotton was king in East Texas.

Dude checked out the wagon's suspension and predicted a bumpy ride!

   Super said the hat pins were cool...and scary.

Not as scary as this hair curling contraption!

  No perm is worth electrocution, in my opinion! 

 We had just talked about ration coupons a few days before, so it was great to see some examples.

This teacher's desk is a lot neater than mine!

 There were several old radios and this gramophone (no, kids, I'm not that old!)

I was trying to take a picture of the inside of an old radio...but I got myself instead!

Next door to the museum is the historic Beall-Ross home, built in about 1884.

Maybe I should stop complaining about my tiny laundry room...

...or I could just whip up some new clothes for my whole family.

 The original Mount Enterprise gin is part of the museum as well.

(That's cotton, not tonic!)

 Super said the pressed cotton reminded her of insulation.


The museum complex also has a restored sawmill...

 ...a log cabin...

...a blacksmith's shop (with fire extinguisher handy)...

...and a doctor's office. I wonder how many people took one look at that examination table and suddenly felt much better!

The print shop was really interesting.  It was also air-conditioned so we lingered a while.

 There was an old general store...

 ...and a restored caboose from the old Missouri-Pacific line.

All these exhibits were interesting, but the last building we toured was by far the most, um, unusual.  The Depot Museum is home to the "most publicized historical marker in the state."

That's right, this little building.

Are you ready to see it?

This "Victorian three-holer" has a glass window and three different-sized holes for different family members.  Quite luxurious for the time!


The sign above it says it's non-functioning.  (That's OK, we weren't tempted.)

We had a lot of fun at this museum, and we learned about the history of East Texas, too!


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What a great trip! I was wondering how you had been and I see you have been traveling!! I LOVE all of these pictures especially the hat pins. I have always loved hat pins! That hair curling machine is a HOOT! How far we have come!