Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hays, KS

 Remember when Kansas was a big shallow sea?

Yeah, me neither!   

We weren't around to see it then, but lots of fascinating (and some terrifying!) creatures called it home.   

This handsome fellow is a Mosasaur.  His toothy grin probably swallowed fish and other aquatic animals, unlucky birds, and other Mosasaurs.  Try this site for lots of cool details about his teeth and bones.

And this lovely lady is called I-Will-So-Totally-Bite-Your-Leg-Off-Without-Even-Trying.  OK, not really.  I forgot to take a picture of her sign so I don't remember her name but she's clearly not one to be trifled with.  
(Update: Dad informed me that this is the same fish as the one below, Xiphactinus.  As far as I'm concerned, the above is still completely valid.)

 The Sternberg museum is one of our all-time favorite places.  Here is (a replica of) Mr. Sternberg himself, making a very important discovery...

And here is the same discovery, all cleaned up and displayed on the wall.  This particular Xiphanctinus was busy digesting his lunch when he died and began the slow process of fossilizing.  How unfortunate for him, but fortunate for us!

The museum also has an extensive collection of dinosaur bones and recreations.  This Carcharodontosaurus (shark-toothed lizard) was doubtless an impressive hunter, and is only surpassed in size by the Giganotosaurus (hella big lizard.)

Not everyone sported big, flashy fangs though.  Who needs fangs, when you've got a cool pair of wings?

Of course, no dinosaur museum would be complete without something that frightens small children.  My kids love waking up the motion-activated T-Rex, but they always check for stray toddlers first.

We had lots of fun at the Sternberg Museum.  Hope you're having a fun summer, too!

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Karen said...

What a great museum! I love the fossil with the fish inside. That is so amazing.