Monday, March 30, 2009

Dudeman's Journal Entry: Day One

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Today is the day we go to Moab.  We will be tare for 2 nights.  Gitting redey for the trip is so stessful.  I can not wait to get out of hear.

He was right about the "stessful" part.  I know some people who keep a pop-out camper trailer packed and ready to go at a moment's notice.  I wish they were jerks and I could make fun of them here, but they are lovely people, and I can only hope to be so organized one day.  Anyway, after the packing (which required doing laundry first), shopping for groceries, briefing the pet-sitters, squeezing way too much stuff into the car, realizing the cooler wouldn't fit, rearranging everything, and squeezing slightly less stuff into the car, we were on our way.  As usual, only 2 hours behind schedule.

Here are some things that have changed in Moab, since Dad and I were college kids camping around this area.  There are about 8 million new hotels.  Arches National Park has a beautiful new visitors center.  And you can actually get a decent meal in Moab now.

Which is what we did the moment we got there.  Sandwiches, schmandwiches!  We wanted a hot dinner at a real table, so we went to Pasta Jay's.  After all, we'll need our strength for the rest of this trip, right?

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