Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Unit Study We Will ALL Enjoy

I know it's only been a few days, but what do you think about homeschooling so far?

"Well, it's not as boring as school.  But it's a little boring."

It's boring?  Really?  What do you mean?

"I'm tired of studying Utah."

So, we've done enough Utah history and geography?


If you could study anything you wanted, what would it be?  (Please don't say Clone Wars.)



"Yeah, like how they grow, the different climates they grow in, weird and interesting plants..."

OK, no problem.  Let's study plants!  So you're interested in pollination, photosynthesis, rainforest and desert plants, stuff like that?

"Yeah.  And I want to grow some stuff."


"Sure, if you'll stop jumping up and down."


Liese 4 said...

Yeah, quit jumping up and down or you'll scare them (snicker, 'don't say clone wars', that's like here - don't say 'airsoft guns, halo, war, bullets.')

Hey, a cool thing we are about to do, get a clear balloon, use a funnel to fill the ballon with some dirt (don't use potting soil), add some seeds and water, blow up the balloon and tie it. Hang up with some string and wait for the seeds to sprout. We also did a seed maze. Put a yogurt cup with some seeds in one corner of a box and make a maze for it to follow, with a cut on the top of the box at the end. Close the box. The sprouts with follow around the maze to get to the light, it works!

Theresa said...

Sweet!!!! That sounds like a unit I could get into!