Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Supersim's Journal: Day Two

We saw a bald egale and 3 arches. We saw a young, un-named arch. I call it Dragon’s Eye. We nearly ran over a cow! I had a 2 mile hike. The kriptobiatic soil is alive!

Could you spell cryptobiotic on the first try?

The cow story above is highly exaggerated. Parts of Castle Valley are open range, with cattle guards every few miles. This being calving season, there are lots of cute little calves following their Mommies. One large black and white Mommy decided the grass was greener at the edge of the road, but we were nowhere near hitting her. Supersim put a dramatic spin on it for her journal.

We really did see a bald eagle—most likely a three-year-old juvenile, judging from my field guide. He was very cooperative while we pulled over, dug out the binoculars, and took turns arguing about just how much white was on his neck and how much pattern we could see on his tail. He wasn’t quite cooperative enough to, say, fly down from his telephone pole, land on our hood and identify himself for us, but he did politely ignore us while we took pictures.

The new visitors center is great—they have a movie about the area and the formation of arches, and lots of interactive exhibits for kids. Yes, we visited the gift shop, and yes, we came out with a lot of junk we didn’t need, but we also picked up Junior Ranger packets and some good books for the kids.

Then it was time to explore Arches!

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