Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Summer of Cousins (Part One)

Our Summer of Cousins began in Oklahoma, where the wind goes sweeping 'cross the...gorgeous garden of my aunt and uncle.

Seriously, look at all that green! Their growing season is TWICE as long as ours. I'd be jealous, but they do have to put up with little things like tornadoes, heat, humidity....

...and BUGS! This is a potato bug. He's kind of cute until you see what he can do to an innocent potato plant.

All the kids got right to work picking potato bugs. Would you believe, they actually thought it was fun!

We took a break from the garden and visited Turner Falls, a cool oasis in the midst of the heat.

Just outside the park, there is a little store with a giant sign advertising FRIED PIES. Well, of course we had to support the local business. Wow, were they good. We washed our sticky fingers in the creek.

And we wondered why the butterflies like the fire pit so much. A great research project for school!

The kids picked vegetables, dug in the red dirt, played in the sprinkler, caught toads, collected wildflowers, played hide-and-seek, ate Bluebell ice cream bars, invented a crazy game involving a baseball, a catcher's mitt, and badminton rackets, and pretty much had a FANTASTIC time with their Oklahoma cousins.

We were sad to leave Oklahoma (oh, that garden-fresh produce!) but there were other cousins waiting for us to arrive.

Coming soon! Summer of Cousins Part II.

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