Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Summer of Cousins (Part Two)

If you think it's humid in Oklahoma, head south to Caddo Lake State Park in East Texas.

We love it here, in spite of the heat and humidity. There is just something magical about this place. It's a cypress swamp, peaceful by day and a bit eerie at night.

We've been coming here for years. When Super was about three, she thought the cypress trees were covered in "spinach moss" instead of Spanish moss.

There are gigantic pines and oaks as well.

Some people brave the gators and snapping turtles and jump right in!

We prefer to stay on shore and practice casting.

There are campfires...

...and gooey s'mores...

...and best of all, more cousins!

They blew bubbles, chased fireflies, had water pistol fights, roasted hot dogs, ate more Blue Bell ice cream, told ghost stories, collected pine cones, got a few mosquito bites, and pretty much looked like this every day...

A kid's perfect summer!


Liese4 said...

We've been there before. It was cool (not literally.) Last time in TX we tried to go to the Caddo Indian mounds, but contruction thwarted us.

Sparklee said...

We've never been to the Caddo Indian mounds, either, but we really like the museum in the visitor center. It's a very small museum, but it has some really nice displays about the Caddo people.