Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to Home School

Bad attitudes all around today (including me.) Maybe we feel icky because we got flu shots over the weekend?

Anyway, sometimes you just have to plod your way through the day...

Started with geography and the continuing adventures of Paddle-to-the-Sea. My kids love drawing, but not coloring, so our maps are still a bit drab.

Dude went a bit farther than just labeling the state of Wisconsin!

Practiced cursive in the salt trays.

German camping vocabulary seemed appropriate, since we just got home from a camping trip!

Reviewed equivalent fractions, did a couple of worksheets, and played this game from The Mailbox. Normally my kids love math games, but we were all cranky today.

Here is Dude's acrostic poem for September.

And Super's poem. It's almost like she has something on her mind...but I can't quite figure out what it is...


Karen said...

We felt a little blah today too.

I am sitting here laughing out loud at her poem. That is AWESOME!!!

Michelle said...

This cracked me up, because my oldest has been birthday-obsessed since. . . oh . . . June. :)

And I love his Wisconsin label!

candyn said...

I wish I were still that excited about my own birthdays!

I hear you about days that just need plodding through. There's been a bit of that happening around my house lately. I think you plod better than I do, however. The days I do so are rarely blogable. :)