Monday, September 5, 2011

Yes, we had school today.


a) Because I'm a horrible, mean mother who thinks that the kids don't really need an extra day off since we just got started a couple of weeks ago.

b) Because we're only two weeks in and already a bit "behind."

c) Because we're taking Wednesday off to do some fun stuff with Dad.

d) All of the above.

So, here is how we spent our Labor Day:

A spelling test? Are you serious?!

Hey, if you want to move on from this unit that you claim is boring and waaaaay too easy, you need to show me that you're ready. And by the way, you need to take a second look at number 5.

I made the mistake of introducing some new cursive letters to Dude with just a practice worksheet. It didn't go well. So we backed up and did some tactile practice instead.

This works MUCH better for Dude. You'd think I would have learned by now.

Talked about some various ways to spell the /a/ sound. Since we already had the salt trays out, we practiced some spelling words, too. (Dude absent-mindedly licked his finger and had to run for a glass of water! Bleah!)

The kids have been working on a doubles multiplication facts poster for our classroom.

We read a wonderful book called The Man Who Walked Between the Towers by Mordicai Gerstein. It's a fantastic book for illustrating prepositions (Philippe is on the wire, over the street, in the air, etc.) But it's also a way to gently bring up the events of 9/11, and point out that the World Trade Center towers had a history that began long before they were a terrorist target.

We watched this video about Philippe Petit and discussed why something like this would and should be illegal (he could get killed, his friends could have been hurt, he could have distracted drivers below and caused an accident, he might have hurt someone below if he fell, etc.)

Super remembered seeing a story about him on CBS Sunday Morning. What a memory! I'm pretty sure that episode was years ago!

In other news, Super continues to enjoy the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, although she gets frustrated as her favorite characters keep getting killed!

Dude brought me this pyramid, saying: "Mom! You know how you can use four triangles to make a pyramid? Well, if you make a point on the triangles, you can make a point on top of the pyramid!"

Gomez enjoyed hearing all about race cars. (He looks really enthusiastic, doesn't he?)

And the kids made some cool ZomeTool sculptures, both geometric and freestyle.

Now it's time for laundry, housework, yardwork, and cooking dinner!
No holiday for this family! :)

Hope you're having a great Labor Day!


Debra said...

*Sigh* So did we. One more day done!

Susan @ learning ALL the time!! said...

Sounds like your day was very full, but in a great way. We had a normal day today, too, and it was a good one :)

I think those Zome Tool sculptures are very nifty!

Sparklee said...

Glad we weren't the only ones! :)

One more reason we had school: I've learned to keep my high-energy days pretty full so I can take it easier on my low-energy days! Plus, the kids were motivated to get it all done so they can have Wednesday off.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Wow! Now, I sat back, read blogs, made a cool new dessert while my DH brought all the kids to a baseball game on Labor Day! LOL But what a GREAT day of hands-on, fun learning! (What's in the cookie sheet for spelling that tastes yucky?)

Oh, and thanks for stopping in to read my review. I've only just BEGUN using WonderMaps, but I do see it being a valuable tool for Geography (and even History). I wouldn't say you NEED it though! You can find maps on-line with time and patience! LOL

Sparklee said...

Sounds like a really nice day!

The trays had salt, this time. We normally use cornmeal but I discovered that I was out of cornmeal and had to improvise!

Michelle said...

We did school on Monday too, because Dad isn't home anyway and the weather was still pretty nasty.

Yes! Salt (or whatever works) trays! Why do I keep forgetting to do that???

See Jamie blog said...

Looks like a busy but good week! And Gomez is cute!

Liese4 said...

We did school Monday too, over achieving homeschoolers! I usually use cornmeal too, but I thought salt would be easier to clean up today. Hannah didn't spill too much of it. Plus, I think I was out of cornmeal anyway.