Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gatorade, Crackers and Canyonlands

Before leaving Moab, we each took turns enjoying a lovely stomach virus. We decided to add some time on the end of our trip to make up for the fun we missed! Once everyone was stabilized (meaning, able to travel in a car without puking) we visited Canyonlands. No one was ready for any major hiking (hurling, maybe, but not hiking.) Of course we stopped at Newspaper Rock, which is not to be missed, even for our slightly queasy family. Newspaper Rock has a special meaning for us...

Once upon a time, two college kids camped across the road from Newspaper Rock. A sudden cold front moved through the area, bringing gusts and freezing rain. The canyon turned into a bitterly cold wind tunnel, and water from the river blew into the tent. The girl had a lousy sleeping bag and was too cold to sleep most of the night. The guy had a better sleeping bag and slept soundly. In the morning, the girl was a GROUCH! She complained that she hadn't slept, her back was stiff, and breakfast was cold, and she bitterly pointed out that the tent was coated with ice.

The guy, sensing impending doom, broke down the campsite, loaded up all the stuff, and took his cranky girlfriend into town for a shower and a hot breakfast. When they got back to his parent's house, the boy's mother said, "Well, I guess you two really are meant for each other. You went camping on a cold night and you're still together." The girl agreed, and the rest is history.

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