Friday, April 17, 2009

This Week at School

This week at the Super Awesome School of Super Awesomeness we...

...looked at a bank statement and paid bills. We talked about how you keep track of money in a checking account, and what happens when you write a check.
...practiced multiplication facts and did a couple of math sheets.
...researched mammals for our Animal Kingdom Notebook; added lots of mammal facts and some great art. Polar Bear Cub by Jacqueline Moody-Luther.
...did a science experiment about polar bear blubber; we used two thermometers; one was bare and one was insulated with shortening. The bare thermometer registered much lower temperatures than the thermometer covered with "blubber."
...bought four hermit crabs and set up their "crabitat."
...had an awesome playdate at Dude's best bud's house.
...borrowed lizard skin and bird feathers from best bud's pets and looked at them under the microscope. The Mushroom Man by Ethel Pochocki.
...played Domination (a great game!!!) Hailstones and Halibut Bones by Mary O'Neill.
...made Ancestral Puebloan water jugs out of Sculpey. Also snakes, rats, and bulldogs.
...constructed a Lego gears set. The fan was neat, but the Clone Carousel was the best! It's Disgusting and We Ate It! by James Solheim. You Wouldn't Want to Be a Mammoth Hunter and You Wouldn't Want to Be a Roman Gladiator by John Malam.
...traced the path from Gallia to Rome on the globe. Show Me How Fast It Is! by Jerry Pallotta.
...played Professor Noggin's Outer Space game.
...planted our "sensitive plant" mini-terrariums. Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne.
...started building the battery-powered motor for our motorboat.
...played Higher/Lower/Odd/Even.
...reviewed addition strategies: Plus 10, Plus 9, and Doubles. How Much, How Many, How Far, How Heavy, How Long, How Tall is 1000? by Helen Nolan. Wackiest White House Pets by Gibbs Davis.
...made up a long, goofy story problem involving a dad who brings home a paycheck and is immediately attacked by his greedy family, asking for more and more money for Wii games, hermit crabs, and dinners out (I don't know anyone like that!)

I know, I know. We are the cliche new homeschoolers, trying to cram way too much into our days. But the kids helped me unpack the Rainbow Resources box and they were so excited, they wanted to get started on everything NOW! As long as they are enthusiastic, I'll let them run with it.

Um, I'm not sure if this qualifies for "home education" but the kids also took the huge Rainbow Resources box, drew a cow face on it, put it over their heads and walked around the living room scaring the dogs out of their minds...

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