Friday, September 25, 2009

This Week at the Super Awesome School

We started the week with a bang--the Big Bang, that is! Talked about the different theories about the origins of the universe and solar system. Dad read from several sources, and gave the kids a quote from Carl Sagan to think about: We are all made of star stuff. Why did we discuss this? Because the kids wanted to!

Read some concrete poetry by John Grandits, then wrote some of our own. We're keeping poetry journals and hope to add to them weekly.

Practiced math facts. There's really no way to make it exciting, but at least we're doing it in 15-minute increments so it doesn't get too tedious. Did addition and subtraction, too, so we don't get rusty.

Read Lionel and the Book of Beasts by E. Nesbit and Michael Hague. MADE PREDICTIONS, which is a big deal in elementary reading, I'm told.

Supersim is lobbying for some kind of small pet (because we don't have enough animals around here) so she spent quite a bit of time researching various reptiles and amphibians. She also went to drama club, while Dudeman practiced piano.

We practiced handwriting--the kiddos' least favorite (and most needed) subject.

We are beginning Classical History, so we read all about the Stone Age. We have a lot of history books lying around here, since Dad is so nutty about history, so I don't even know how many sources the kids read. We also made some Dolne Vestonice-style "clay animals" and some Lascaux-style "cave paintings." Dudeman exclaimed: "This is the kind of stuff we'd NEVER get to do in school!"

A side note: Supersim finds it unfair that Neanderthals "don't count as humans" because "they did so many smart things!" Her favorite prehistoric animal: giant ground sloth. Dude likes the Boisei best, but admires how tough the Neanderthals were. Favorite prehistoric animal: auroch.

Let's see, what else? Number bingo, a bit of spelling practice, The Fisherman and the Genie, and organizing our new classroom, of course! Not a bad week, considering some of us are recovering from the flu. The weekend brings soccer games, riding lessons, and possibly Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. And lots of planning for next week!

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