Saturday, September 19, 2009

Update on Dudeman

Temperature at 9:00 pm: 99. The Tylenol is working.
Temperature at 11:00 pm: 101.7. Time for another dose.
Temperature at 3:15 am: 100.1. More Tylenol.
Temperature at 7:30 am: 99.9. I'll give him Tylenol after he eats a little something. You can tell he feels a little better because he's having conversations with us and doesn't seem so listless and spaced out.

Just go read the flu symptoms on and that's how he feels. Yesterday was rough, but he's feeling better this morning, other than his cough, which is more frequent and starting to drive him nuts. Popsicles help.

I need to cancel the riding lesson and call the soccer coach. Better stock up on groceries and get the laundry done, because I'm guessing we'll all take a turn with this. Goody.

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