Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Le cafe des dieux

Someone (I don't want to play the blame game here because I'm guilty) was wiping the kitchen counters and accidentally broke something. This clumsy dolt (me) did one of her (my) trademark spazzy moves and shattered the coffee carafe all over the kitchen floor. And when I say all over, I really mean it. That type of glass tends to shatter into jagged little crystals the size of rice grains. I have swept the floor three times and we're still spotting sparkly little pieces just waiting to embed themselves in our unsuspecting feet.

Anyway, I was really mad at myself--uh, I mean, the person who did it--because it meant going out in the crummy weather to find a replacement carafe for an old coffee maker that probably isn't even made anymore, or looking online and waiting for it to arrive. And then I thought--hmm, where is that cute little French press that we used to have...

Oh my gosh forget the stupid carafe! I'll be making coffee like this from now on! When DadSparklee asked me if there was any way we could just use the French press forever, I said, "ABSOLUTELY!" The coffee is smooth and strong, with none of that weird burned flavor (you know what I mean--when the coffee has been heated in the carafe too long and it's time to just waste it and start over?)

What a lovely way to start a dark, snowy morning! Bring it on, world! Vive le cafe!

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