Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hush, hush, eye to eye

So, after that lovely fall walk, we made up for lost calories by visiting the local fairly-decent burger shop. One of their gimmicks is that they always play 80's music. (You know you're getting old when the music of your youth becomes ambiance music.) Anyway, I learned a few things on Friday:

1. Journey is still AWESOME.
2. The lyrics to "Too Shy, Shy" are really, really stupid. How did I not notice that when I was 16?
3. I just can't eat onion rings anymore. Urp.

Today's plans: making a cute bat craft and spending more time outside. Kids, there will be time for Wii when it's 18 degrees and the ground is covered in two feet of snow.

P.S. I wanted to post a photo here of my first love, Steve Perry, but I couldn't find any public photos of the guy. If you have never experienced the awesome dreaminess of his tight jeans and 80's hairstyle, you'll have to visit one of his many fan sites, like:

or his Wikipedia entry:

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