Tuesday, March 2, 2010

French Co-op

Salut! Ça va?

I couldn't take pictures at my French co-op (since I was kinda busy teaching it) so I'm just posting a photo of my supply basket. It's even heavier since I splurged on a gigantic Larousse French/English dictionary recently.

I had 8, 9, and 10-year old students this time. We practiced greeting one another and introducing ourselves. Bonjour! Comment tu t'appelles? We went over some ways to describe ourselves as well. Je suis grande et j'aime les livres.

We counted on our fingers and sang a counting song. Finally, we read one of my family's favorite stories, Un dîner en fuite, by Allan Ahlberg. You might know it as The Runaway Dinner, but I bought my copy in Montréal, donc c'est en français.

As always, it was a fun class. I love teaching enthusiastic learners!

Au revoir!

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Sara said...

I wish there was a kids language co-op somewhere near me! Language is such an important part of education.