Saturday, March 27, 2010

The long MARCH to Spring

Our German friends taught us an expression that perfectly describes this month: "Mr. March does what Mr. March wants."

Remember my crocus bed?

That's OK, my mom sent me some pictures of spring in the south...

I know green leaves and spring blossoms are just around the corner here. In the meantime, I'm really enjoying the birds. The snow has finally melted off all of our feeders and we have juncos, house finches, chickadees, a pair of flickers, an occasional woodpecker, and those crazy magpies, who would fly away with the entire dog food dish if they could. I'll put out the hummingbird feeders as soon as I see buds on the trees. (It seems like they always arrive before the flowers bloom, so I like to have the feeders ready for them.)

Today we'll get into a "springy" mood by starting our lettuce and tomato seeds indoors, making some colorful spring art, and watching the birds. And in another month or so, I'll probably be whining about mowing the lawn!

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Karen said...

I'm glad you are keeping your chin up about spring. It'll come, it'll come!