Thursday, March 4, 2010

The News from Mount Snowbegon

The plan: put adjectives into our sentence strips, then talk about articles; adding and subtracting decimals with regrouping; finish some stuff in our science notebooks; start our next Egypt project.

The reality: see above. It was 60 degrees today! And just look at that sky!

There was still a little snow on the trail.

And a wee bit of mud.

Didn't see many signs of spring yet. But here are last year's wildflowers, and if you look very carefully, you'll see some flecks of green under them.

For such a gorgeous day, very few people were out. The miner's candles kept us company.

Not a single bud on the tree, but it's beautiful nonetheless.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so maybe we'll get some schoolwork done. Bye!

P.S. Fifty points if you got the Garrison Keillor ref!


5orangepotatoes said...

60!!! Lucky you! Love the last month of winter when spring is hinting to us of good things to come.


Sparklee said...

Me, too! I enjoy our winters, but I'm always happy to see the first signs of spring!