Sunday, August 22, 2010

Simple Machines with Gomez

Gomez would like to demonstrate what he knows about levers. He says that this is a class one lever, meaning the pivot is in between the effort and the load.

As you can see, Gomez has moved the load closer to the pivot. Gomez says that this enables us to use less effort when we move the load. And Gomez is all about less effort, right Gome?

What's that, Gomez? Oh, now the load is very close to the pivot. This allows us to use very little effort when we move the load.

Gomez highly recommends Levers by Angela Royston. He taught the kids a lot about levers using this book as a resource! Thanks, Gome!


Traci's Teaching Times said...

My children have been studying about the 12 types of tools in their science. I think I'll drop in again and let them see this post so they can see what other children are studying also.

H-Mama said...

Oh, lil' Gomez... how cute. :)

Sparklee said...

Not sure why he stood there during our lever experiments--he certainly wasn't interested in the boxes of tea. (If we had used cookies, maybe...) But since he decided to join us, I drafted him to teach the lesson!