Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can you believe my family would...

...make fun of me, just because I got excited about a bird's song this morning?  

Just because I woke everyone up with my spirited rendition of "Anything Goes" this morning does not give them the right to tease me when I freeze in my tracks, still in my robe with coffee cup in hand, and stick my neck out the back door to hear a new song.

"Everybody be quiet!"


"Listen!  Somebody new is in town!"

Snickers from the kitchen table.  "Shush!  Somebody new just got to town.  Either that or they're mating."

"Um, Mom..."

"Wait!  I want to hear this!"

"Mom!  Shut the door, it's cold!"

"Oh, all right.  But you heard it, didn't you?  Tick-a-whee, tick-a-whee..."

More snickers from the cereal eaters.  My family does not respect me.  

"Hear it?  There it is again!"  I run for the door.

"Mom!  Dad's doing that."

Oh, you people think you're so funny.  You think I can't tell the difference between a real bird and your stupid whistling?  Let's see how funny it is tomorrow when I wake up the house with my spirited rendition of songs from "Hairspray."



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