Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hotel for Dogs

Supersim: In the beginning, these kids who need a family because their parents had died, were hiding their dog named Friday.  

Dudeman: They were selling rocks because their foster Mom only gave them gross foods, like smashed-up mushrooms mixed with salt and pepper.  And dry spaghetti.

Supersim: Sometimes the mom's hair would be in it.

Dudeman: Yeah, sometimes the mom's hair would be in it!

Supersim:  I just said that!

Dudeman: I know, I'm repeating it!

Supersim: And none of the foster parents knew about the dog because they had been in foster care for 3 years and with 5 different families.  Friday was allowed to wander around.  And once Friday got taken to the pound and they had to sign something to get him back, and they didn't want their foster mom or dad to know about it so they had to bribe the guy to get Friday back.  They were walking along saying maybe they should find a real home for Friday, and then Friday ran off into an old hotel. And met a Boston Terrier named Georgia and a Mastiff named Lenny.  

Dudeman: And Georgia's really small!

Supersim: And she uses Lenny as her bodyguard.  Whenever she gets scared she hides in between Lenny's front legs.

Dudeman: Lenny was a big mastiff and he was brindle.  And he was almost the size of a table, only a little bit shorter.  My best guess is he weighed about 150 pounds.      

Supersim: They decided to keep Friday at the hotel and they'd come back every day to feed the dogs.  The next morning they ate the weird food they were always given.  Then they heard howling.  They ran to the hotel as quick as they could and they found Georgia and Friday hiding under the bed, while Lenny was standing at the window howling.  They opened up the blind and he stopped howling.  Closed it--he'd howl.  Opened it--he'd stop howling.  Then they meet two employees at a pet store, and they can't find homes for three dogs, Cooper, Romeo, and Shep.  They take them to the hotel, and then they meet another kid.  And they keep rescuing strays, and they break into the kennel car and they actually took all the dogs out and took them to their hotel.  And one dog in the van had only three legs. 

Dudeman:  She was kind of fawn and black and she had a really cute face.  It kind of looked like a boxer mixed with a bulldog.  Romeo is a very...he's a black and white dog.  And he looks like he got struck by lightening!

Supersim: Because he was a Chinese Crested.

Dudeman: His face looks like there's spikes on it but it's really only fur.  And he was mostly hairless. 

Supersim:  They kept finding more stray dogs.  And eventually, Romeo found his true love--a poodle named Juliette.

Dudeman: Can I describe Cooper?  Cooper was a bulldog and he chewed on anything!  He bent up a license plate with this teeth!  And he destroyed a cell phone, a mattress, and a blanket.  I think he can bite through steel.

Supersim: What I liked about the movie, is, the person named Bernie who tried to get the kids a home, he saved the hotel for dogs.  And also he let the kids move in with him.  And also, their foster parents were rock stars, and they sang songs for the dogs.

Dudeman:  I would recommend this movie because it was sad at the first part, but at the very end, it was really happy.  And I just like happy endings. 

Supersim: It was funny and it was also cool.  An animal lover would like this movie, or somebody who likes comedy.

Dudeman:  Or if the kid is wild like an animal!

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