Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dudeman's Ten Reasons

1.  You get to stay with your family.

2.  Your family is your teacher, so they won't overwork you.

3.  You can do science experiments.

4.  You get to take 15 minute breaks.

5.  You can read anything you want.

6.  You do fun stuff for art.

7.  You get to do math that's not too easy.

8.  We can look at the microscope any time we want.

9.  We can watch science videos on TV.

10.  You get to choose the unit you want to do.

I know I'm supposed to stop at ten but I have more.

11.  You don't have the kid at the next table burping real loud all the time.

12.  You get to pack your own lunch so you know what you're getting.  And you can choose when you want to eat.

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