Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Great Book So Far...

What is the title of this book?

Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism

Is this book fiction or nonfiction?


Who are the main characters?

Molly, Petula, Miss Adderstone, Edna, Hazel and Rocky

Describe the setting of the book.

Supersim: It's in a crumbling building called Hardwick House Orphanage.  And around the small but lovely town of Briersville.

What are the problems in the book?  What makes Molly unhappy?

Dudeman: Well, Hazel keeps annoying her.  And Rocky leaves.

Supersim: An American family adopts him.  After Rocky is adopted Molly can only play with Petula, Miss Adderstone's pug.  Molly feels like she's an ugly girl.  She calls her face a lump of dough and her nose a potato and her eyes two small green lights.

Dudeman: Also, for part of the book, Edna is making bad food.

Supersim: Only the little kids are nice to her. The big kids call her "Bog Eyes," "Zono" and "Drono."

Dudeman: Miss Adderstone hates Molly. 

How does she solve her problem?

With hypnotism!

Tell about a time she used hypnotism to solve a problem.

Dudeman: She made everyone whack themselves on the head with whatever they are carrying anytime they remembered that they had been mean to her.

Supersim: She hypnotizes Petula, puts ketchup on one of her cookies, and makes a disgusting face at the cookie.  And Petula never ate cookies again and then she felt better and she was a nicer dog. 

Give an example of foreshadowing.

The professor.

What do you predict will happen?

Tell about your favorite part so far.

Supersim: That Petula becomes friends with Molly.

Dudeman: When Miss Adderstone takes her false teeth and says, "If anyone causes trouble, you'll get the nip!" 

What is revenge?

Dudeman: Revenge is to get someone back, when they did something bad to you. 

Tell about something funny in the book.

SparkleeMom: OK, this book may have been written for kids, but I'm really getting into it too!  The funniest part so far has to be when Molly takes Edna out to lunch, and Edna is still hypnotized and acting like a zombie.  The waiter asks Edna for her order and she yells: "I love bleedin' Italy!"  We fell over laughing!  I had to recover for a minute before I could go on.  No, wait, that's not the funniest part.  The funniest part is when Hazel does her act.  I really can't choose the funniest part.  We love this book!


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