Saturday, February 21, 2009

Supersim's Riding Lesson

Supersim had a great lesson today!  It's cold but sunny here, and not too muddy, considering how much snow we got recently.  Dudeman has a sore throat today, so Supersim had the teacher all to herself.  She groomed and saddled her horse with almost no help; the teacher only had to step in when the horse refused to take the bit.  A year ago, she was very nervous about cleaning out the horse's hooves; today, she looked like a pro.  

It was an extremely busy day at the arena, with multiple lessons going on at once, but Supersim was able to stay focused and concentrate on her lesson.  She warmed up with a serpentine along the wall, then trotted around the arena a couple of times.  Her teacher set up three traffic cones along the center of the arena, and after a couple of practice walks through the cones, Supersim took them at a trot.  I think we have a future barrel racer here!

After her lesson, she took her horse for a little trail ride around the arena, with me tagging along on foot.  Her teacher told me that if she continues to progress at this rate, she'll be ready for the next level by summer.  But the best part was the look of pride and accomplishment on her face.  She knew she did well today!  

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