Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What we liked about the museum

Dudeman: My favorite thing was getting to feel bison fur.  And playing that game where you're the dung beetle and you have to get the poop to the hole.

Supersim: It was called a dookie ball, remember?

Dudeman: And I also liked the movie.  And my favorite part of the movie was when the elephants kissed with their trunks.

Supersim: One of my favorite parts was getting a stuffed bison named "Stampede."  And seeing an elephant skull.  And a stuffed real bison.  I liked touching the fur and getting to see a wolf. I've never seen a wolf up close.  I thought the movie was sad when the family of elephants found a dead elephant.  It died because it was hungry and thirsty, probably.  Oh, yeah, and the lead elephant charged at the camera guy!

Dudeman: And at the museum we got to see a rattlesnake rattle at you.  It wasn't real, it was stuffed, of course.  But it was pretty cool.

Supersim: I thought it was neat and all, I just didn't like how it was so crowded.  In the cave, there were a whole bunch of little plastic spiders, and one of the preschoolers would shine a flashlight and go, "Eek!  A spider!"

Dudeman: Such a preschoolish preschooler.

Supersim: I was a little sad that they didn't have any facts about the bison.  And I discovered that their fur is really fuzzy.

Dudeman: And it's not soft, because it's curly.  It just feels really cool.  I personally like the owl pellet thing.  I liked how we could look under it and it shows a mouse skull and some bird bones.  It just surprised me that an owl could eat, like, a whole rat.

Supersim: The bunny fur felt like a poodle.  It felt softer than any stuffed animal or blanket. We got to look at parts of a fly under a microscope.  The most disturbing part was the longest tapeworm ever.  Sixty-one feet!



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