Sunday, February 15, 2009

Favorite Bison Facts by Supersim

The coat of fur at the front of their body is called "the cape."  They can run faster than horses.  The hair at the end of their tongue helps them grip grass and pull it into their mouths.  Then they swallow it and it goes into the first part of their stomach.  Later, they bring it back up and chew on it and swallow it again.  That's called "chewing cud."  A bison's bellow can be heard from 3 miles away.  The bulls bellow to warn other bulls away.  The female is called a cow.  There used to be millions of them, but now there are 200,000 in North America.  There are 2 types of bison.  The wood bison lives in northern Canada.  The plains bison lives in the U.S.  Native Americans used almost every part of the bison.   

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